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“To our God be the glory great things He has done.”

It is the intent, with the strong help of God alone, that Grace and Glory Ministries will seek to co-operate with the local evangelical churches of the Oswego area to create a resource for them to assist them in doing the work of God in this area. As our name implies, we will by the grace of God, seek to bring Him all the glory that He so richly deserves.  “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). By the grace of God it shall be our intention through the co-operative use of both property and staff that we will seek to supply assistance to the local evangelical churches in the following ways:

  1. Educational – we will host classes and seminars on pertinent topics such as theology, discipleship, counseling, marriage, parenting, biblical studies, evangelism, etc.
  2. Counseling – we will seek to have on staff those qualified to take on some counseling load in the areas of marriage, parenting, conflict resolution, mentoring and spiritual growth.
  3. Discipleship – we will have qualified people on staff to assist those seeking to go deeper in the Christian life to have the opportunity to do so through small discipleship groups.
  4. Retreat Center – as time goes on and God blesses we would hope to be able to develop our facility to accommodate retreats for church groups and Christian ministries.
  5. Summer Christian Day Camp – We run a Christian day camp operating from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for most of the summer weeks.
  6. Physical Help – our staff and property will be available for emergency reach out and some regular sustained assistance. We also plan to begin a “servant’s heart” ministry which is an organized group of local Christian contractors that will train others in the trades and be available on Saturdays to assist local churches in there outreach to the needy of this area.
  7. Recreational – our facility will be developed and available for some church and town use. It is our goal for it to be a meeting place for the youth and college age of the community.
  8. Training – we will seek to bring on staff a few people to be trained for future ministry. We will do this by offering some internships to those who feel they may be headed into full time Christian ministry. We will give them the opportunity and training to be in full time ministry for a period of time to give them both a good taste of what it is about and some training in it.
  9. Relational Unity – One of our goals is to bring the local evangelical churches together in fellowship over ministry while allowing them to sustain their separate identities as churches. We will do this through offering fellowship opportunities, times to pray together, pastors’ dinners, joint church ventures, work projects, outreach, an opportunities for inter-church fellowship, etc.
  10. Team of Servants– Lastly it is our intention to develop the concept of servanthood among the saints. We will do this through teaching, example, creating opportunity, and giving assistance. We will offer internship in this area also by allowing people to be on short-term staff and to be available to serve the local churches.


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